How to Tell Your Kids About Cancer


Sometimes a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, and whether the children are their own or a relative, they need to understand what is going on. It is important to teach children about such a diagnosis as surprising them with a bald head is no way to go about it. The tips below will help the process go smoothly.The first step is to understand that kids will always know more than you think they do.

They have a sense of what is going on around them, and they can feel your anxiety or fear. This makes it even more important to tell them as soon as you find out so that they don’t wonder what is going on, making them anxious, too.A child who finds out from someone else may harbor feelings of resentment towards you for not being upfront with them. If their friend or cousin lets them know that you or a loved one has cancer, they will begin to question why you didn’t tell them yourself. Be honest with your kids, and they will respect and love you in return.

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