Short guide to becoming a pro in real estate

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Short guide on becoming a pro in real estateReal estate is an amazing business to choose for your career. Besides the financial benefits and freedom for choosing your working hours, it is also a great way to build strong skills in sales, customer service and investment.

A pro in real estate will grow from helping others buy or sell buildings to having his own buildings for sale. Check out our short guide on becoming a pro in real estate.

1) Make your intentions known

If you want to start your own real estate agency, don’t keep it a secret. Let people know that you set this goal. This will motivate you to work harder in achieving it. The truth is that starting your own business needs some capital resources. So start making money. More and more money, until you can make your debut in entrepreneurship.

2) Keep your database updated

Keep in touch with your contacts. Not only your customer, but everybody that is an important point of contact in your business, including other real estate agents, lawyers, public notaries or construction engineers.

3) Do a lot of fieldwork

When you’re in vacation, you have a lot of time for doing fieldwork. Go and talk to people, see their properties, demonstrate them that you care and you appreciate their business.

4) Ask questions if you want to close deals

Make a habit from asking your ex-customers which real estate agents would they choose in case they’d want to sell their property. Make sure that they mention your name when somebody asks them to recommend a good real estate agent.

5) Earn your customers’ trust

When a customer asks you if this is a good moment for selling his property, the answer is not automatically “Yes!”. You need to ask him the right questions to find out if selling at that moment would be an opportunity for him or if he needs to wait a little longer. The customer will apreciate your concern for him and his trust in you will grow stronger.

6) Customize your marketing tools

Create a powerful slogan and stick with it. Use it on all your marketing materials so people would remember it and associate it with you. If you understand how marketing works, then you will focus on it more. Keep your eyes open and don’t lose any opportunity to promote yourself. For some things you don’t even have to pay.

You can send periodical press releases to newspapers and real estate magazines. Use traditional media to promote yourself in this manner. Also, you can start a blog where you can write articles about real estate. It’s totally free and you’ll attract customers with useful information.

7) Always be available

Always take your cell phone with you and check your e-mail every couple of hours. Usually, the customers that approach you on the internet appreciate if you answer them within a few hours or in the same day, at least. After your first conversation on the phone or via e-mail, try to obtain a face-to-face meeting. This is the most important meeting in the whole interaction with your customer.